Firma Codogni" manufactures steel balls (grinders) forged in presses in closed matrices. These balls have a diameter in the range ∅ 60 to ∅ 100 and hardness in the range 58-62 HRC. Our base material for production is scrap head of ST90PA rail rather than primary material. These balls are used in processing and power plants that use ball mills in their production process.

Our facility is equipped with three production lines with a current annual production capacity of approximately 9000 Mg. We also offer rolled or rolled and forged steel balls with diameters of 30, 40, and 50 mm. Each shipment is certified according to the Polish standards for grinder production # PN-H-94057.

The residue from our production process is valuable and homogeneous steel scrap, which can be used in foundries and ironworks.