"Firma Codogni" was founded in 1990 with activity in the manufacture and trade of metal products. Within a few years we began to focus on the production of forged steel balls used mainly in the processing plants of copper, zinc, lead and rock ore extraction industries as well as in power plants and cement plants. In the early 1990s KGHM Polska Miedź S.A became our main domestic customer, a relationship that continues to this day. In 1999 we developed a proprietary method of forging balls from scrap railhead, allowing us to produce high quality products at very competitive cost. The manufacture of supplies for grinding, like many industries, is competitive. Our priority is in maintaining quality and we have over the years continued to optimize the production process, focusing on improved technologies and energy savings.

We produce a single product, with specifications adapted to the needs of our clients, and we do it well. We embarked on sustainability before it became either fashionable or a business necessity. It just made sense. We believe that forged steel balls, using a continuous supply of scrap railhead as material, are in no qualitative way inferior to the much more expensive rolled balls. Since 2006 we have continuously increased production capacities and export operations and we are the market leader in the production of milling balls in Poland and a major producer in Central and Eastern Europe.